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5 don’ts in your CV/resume creating process

  1. Don't try to hide failures, mistakes or shortcomings - accept them, learn from them, seek to improve on them, and explain why and how this is so.

  2. Don’t t use the word "I" in your résumé. Start each sentence with a powerful verb. For example:
    - demonstrated success defining client needs and uncovering potential problem areas through assessment and analysis of self-prepared client satisfaction surveys.

  3. Don’t go longer than 2 pages with your CV.  Do not try to create a two-page CV/resume if you really only have related experiences that fill up one page. If you have a long, impressive career of related professional achievements, there is no need to try to shrink it all down onto one page.

  4. Don’t do any grammar or spelling mistakes! It’s a cliché, but there really is no second chance to make a good first impression. Get your CV/resume checked and checked again. It has to be perfect.

  5. Don’t send your CV/resume as an email attachment, if not requested, and clearly put the CV/resume text directly into the email itself. In this age of spam and viruses, many emails are wrongly flagged as dangerous and are quarantined from their destination, taking your hard work and hopes with them. 
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